JAJ-POL Company has been operating on the poultry market since 2003, and we have operated poultry farms since the 1990s. From the very beginning our activity is a family business providing us an opportunity to fully control and a guarantee good quality of our products. We produce table eggs, rear laying hens and rear meat hens (broilers). The production is carried out on three farms located approx. 25 km from each other.


  • Stanowice Farm - egg production
  • Szczerbice Farm - breeding farm
  • Zabełków Farm - broiler farming


The farm in Stanowice serves as the headquarters of our company not only in terms of address, but also technically. In addition to the mentioned production, also an Egg Packing Centre and a feed room for own use are located there. The mission of our company is to produce eggs in a favourable price-quality relationship. The entire farm is under supervision of the veterinary services of the Rybnik Local Veterinary Inspectorate. We are the leader in the production of free-range consumer eggs in our region.


In order to meet the expectations of consumers, we have introduced the highest quality feeds free from GMOs and artificial dyes.